Advantages of 3DS Emulator for Playing Nintendo Games

The only working and professional software available for emulating Nintendo games in a PC is emulateur 3ds. This software is a 100% effective for playing all types of Commercial Nintendo games in a PC. Earlier the 3DS Emulator was available only for Windows OS but after the release of 3DS Emulator Pro, the players can enjoy playing all Nintendo games in MAC OS too. This amazing simulating software is absolutely free and it is also easily available online at the website of the games and the game app developers from all over the world.

Highlights of 3DS Emulator

The first and foremost feature that led to the success of a 3DS Emulator is that it enables the users to enjoy the real 3D effect of the game. The graphic quality of the game is also not reduced or modified when you play them on your PC instead of a specialized Nintendo console. The following are few among the other highlights of the 3DS Emulator software:

  • It is easily available online and it is also free to download. The actual risk relies in locating the best software that works uninterrupted on your PC.

  • Once the program is successfully downloaded, it enables the player to run it instantly over the computer. No system reboot or restart is required.

  • Any number of Nintendo commercial games can be played for free using the 3DS Emulator.

  • Online sharing and game feeds are also available instantly with a single click option.

  • This software also supports 2D play of the Nintendo games online.

3DS Emulator Pro Features and Highlights

While 3DS Emulator has countless benefits, the 3DS Emulator Pro has more benefits and commendable features over the earlier version. Here are few notable features of the software:

  • When a player chooses to play games in 2D then they can also enable dual screen mode with a higher resolution.

  • Memory card virtualization of about 1 GB is also made possible with 3DS Emulator Pro

  • It also supports 3D screen implementation where the 3D effects can be enjoyed by using the 3D glasses. (normal 3D glasses available for watching movies in TV can also be used here)

  • The game ROM can be customized based on the ROM of your computer.

  • It supports 2channel 44khz stereo sound quality combines with video quality.

Camera emulation is also made possible for 3DS Emulator Pro for taking photos and videos while playing games. Even you can take quicker screenshots with simple keyboard key-press options.

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